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“First Impression Wood Masters”,(FIWM), is a relatively new div of its parent company, “Woodcraft Doors and Molding Ltd.”,(WDM). How FIWM got started…

Ed Ouni, founder and owner of Woodcraft Doors and Molding Ltd. (WDM), immigrated to Canada some 20 years ago. From childhood he was taught and mentored by European master craftsmen. Having become a master wood craftsman himself, Ed ventured out on his own. Surrounding himself with highly knowledgeable people in the woodworking industry, WDM has, to the delight of many, been catering to the high end residential and commercial millwork market for the last twelve years. There is no one who does not love their fine products. Below is one beautiful example of their outstanding work. Visit WDM if you wish to see more.

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Because of their custom and exclusive nature, however, WDM products are necessarily higher in price. People began asking us if we could make doors that look as good as our high end doors, are just as good in quality, and for a much lower price. WOW, is that all! Ok, so we started putting some objective thinking into this idea. First off, we came up designs that look great, but are far less labor intensive. Limiting the number of styles, choosing one hardwood that machines quicker and requires less knife sharpening, added savings too. Knowing what we’ll be making ahead of time allows volume purchasing and pre cutting multiple parts at a time, also resulting in significant savings. Combined with several other cost saving methods, and NO compromises, we now can offer you doors from our new division, FIWM, equivalent in quality and workmanship to our WDM doors.

And so was born, FIWM, (First Impression Wood Masters). The result being cost effective doors that fit into the budget of just about any home. You will be amazed at the value you get for your money. We challenge anyone to do better.


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